Commercial Boulder Dash Clones - Mac OS X


This is the commercial Mac OS X section. Here you can find commercial Boulderdash games that run in Mac OS X (an Operating System).  

Mac OS X (pronounced "Mac OS Ten") is an operating system designed and developed by Apple Computer for use on their current line of Macintosh computers. Mac OS X is built on Darwin, an open source Unix-like environment which is based on the BSD source tree, and the Mach microkernel. Both of these technologies have been adapted and further developed by Apple with involvement from independent developers. Apple has also designed and developed the Aqua user interface for Mac OS X. Portions of Mac OS X such as Aqua and Finder, the file management system, are proprietary closed source software.

Mac OS X Games

Below are the Mac OS X games. Download them and enjoy!

Game name: Crystal Cave Gold v1.7 (demo)
Year of publishing: Unknown
Platforms: Mac OS X, Windows
Venture yourself in dark caves, ancient tombs and dangerous pyramids in this highly awarded Boulderdash clone!. As an intrepid tomb-seeker, resolve the puzzles of pharaohs, Aztecs and kings in your hunt for precious gemstones. It's possible to save your progress during your quest for the treasures. The full version features more than a hundred levels in three different scenarios.

Game name: Doulber Gold (demo)
Author/publisher: Phelios, Inc.
Year of publishing: Unknown
Platforms: Mac OS XWindows
An ant called Doulber has to tackle tricky targets, to uncover secret levels, to unearth diamonds and to crack stimulating, cool puzzles in a world filled with monster guards, menacing bats, crushing boulders, blazing lava and a labyrinth of caves. 100 levels (4 in the demo version) and 30 secret levels in six themed worlds are waiting for you! Download the trailer to take a foretaste.

If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.