RoX is one of those games about which you wonder why they are freeware. By releasing RoX, Safrosoft brought a new dimension in the Boulderdash games. The old Commodore 64 graphics style you would have expected are replaced by highly polished and wonderful graphics. Besides the game has smooth animations, like the rolling boulders. And colours of levels can also change. Another feature is the music, that was especially composed for this game and it fits perfectly in the game!

In RoX you control a hedgehog-like character called Thresher. Through out the game Thresher has to collect the given number of unids (with a 'd') in order to get the exit portal opened and go through it. But RoX offers more than only stones, gems and sand: there are many new elements such as the gnats, who follow you, and missiles to be fired at your enemies! Furthermore, the creators have included ideas of the popular game Sokoban.

There comes a level editor with the game so you can create your own levels! You can download them all here on this website.

The creators of this great and succesful game are Ilya and Dmitriy Safro of Safrosoft. You need at least a Pentium II 300 MHz, 32MB RAM, 8MB 3D Accelerator and Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000. 


This game is really worth a try! Download the following things:

RoX v1.4 The game itself
Fixed RoX Level Collection Because level 57 'Omega' of the levelset which comes with the game is 'officially' not solvable, I have fixed it. Replace the RoX.clvl file in the folder 'Levels' of the game by this file.
Walkthrough of level 57 'Omega' Level 57 'Omega' of the official RoX levelset is normally not possible. But Damian Sawyer saw a way to do it! Download this detailed walkthrough and see how he managed it!
RoX Sequel Alpha A demo of an upcoming sequel to RoX! It's meant to show you what it will look like a bit. Of course it's still very incomplete!


Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


If you want more levels, download these levelsets below. Just extract them and copy them into the 'Levels' directory of the game. If you have made your own levels, please send them to me so I can add them to this list!

I don't accept levelsets with occult, pornographic or other offensive levelset/level titles, because this site is meant for everyone. Those levelsets are marked as 'not family-friendly'. If there's anybody who knows more author's names or surnames of them, please let me know and I'll update this page!

Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
13 Levels 13 Serdar Caglar
13 Levels Vol. 2 13 Serdar Caglar
100 in 1 400 Bernd Lienau, David Michaelis & Willi Schinmeyer A collection of four levelsets that belong together. One of the four levelsets contains unsolvable levels. That's by intention.
Aalglatt 14 Echnik
Addedcheese 1 20 James
Addedcheese 2 20 James
Addedcheese 3 10 James
Addedcheese 4 11 James
Addedcheese 6 10 James
Addedcheese 7 10 James
Addedcheese 8 10 James
Addedcheese 9 10 James
Addedcheese Rainbow 11 James
Adventures 1 13 Unknown
Adventures 2 10 Unknown
Alain 40 Asel Ool
Ania 9 Unknown
Annie 8 Annie
Art Factory 1 9 Adamaster
Art Factory 2 10 Adamaster
Art Factory 3 15 Adamaster
Art Factory 4 10 Adamaster
Art Factory 5 10 Adamaster
Art Factory 6 9 Adamaster
Art Factory 7 10 Adamaster
Art Factory 8 10 Adamaster
Ashot 6 Eduard Vardanyan
Billig 40 Barton & Michaelis
Blabla 40 Barton & Michaelis
Blast Zone 1 20 Unknown
Blupp 8 Unknown
Box o' Ease 22 Charlie Davies
Box of Apples 12 Charlie Davies
Box of Bananas 10 Charlie Davies
Box of Peaches 20 Charlie Davies
Box of Plums 11 Charlie Davies
Brainteasers 17 Unknown
Brot 51 Barton & Michaelis
Cannon War 2 9 Unknown
Castle Spiderstein 15 Mr. Quackers
Check Your RoX Level 10 Unknown
Cotzilla 13 Unknown
Crate o' Difficulty 1 23 Unknown
Crate o' Difficulty 2 17 Unknown
Cyril D. 12 Cyril D. The first level collection by a very enthusiastic French guy.
Cyril D. II 12 Cyril D.
DaAvsSuck 50 Jeff
Dagmara 6 Unknown
DAZ 6 Unknown
Death Collection 1 10 Suraj Pabari
Death Collection 2 10 Suraj Pabari
Death World 99 B0nus
Dennis 7 Dennis
Derek 20 Derek Parnell
Destabilisations 133 B0nus
DJ 18 Ivo & Julia Hruska
Doggy's Lost Temple 12 Doğa can Kılıç
Domerubba 18 Unknown
Dono-Extreme 50 Dono
Dono-Hard 40 Dono
Dono-Medium 30 Dono
Dono-Mini 30 Dono
Don't Understand 7 Unknown
DooM 24 Unknown Not family-friendly.
Dragon House 31 Unknown
Dragon Blade 111 3 Unknown
Ein Maerchen 26 Echnik
El Cid 19 Martin Zerbes
Emily 41 Ivo & Julia Hruska
Erich 50 Erich Ketschik
Excessive Content 144 Benjamin Smith
Extra Levels 20 B0nus
Falling Stones (Hard) 6 Unknown
Fast 44 Echnik Not family-friendly.
Fast Reactions 1 31 SynN
Fast Reactions 2 21 SynN
Felix 29 Felix Oeser
Fi Da Swine 9 Arthur Kusmin (2rk) A level collection from Russia.
Firestorm 25 Unknown
First Kiss 11 Unknown
Foody 8 Unknown
For Beginners 67 Jamaican Spirit
Francy Levels 30 Unknown
Freizeit 19 Unknown
Frensy's Madness 1 Unknown
Frisch Auf 81 Echnik
Fruits 10 Robert Jajszczok
Frukobaba 16 Faruk Koçyiğit
A Turkish level collection.
Fun Frag Force 20 Kr1x & Fate
Go! 22 Cyrille
Go Home!!! 17 Marc Willy Kulke & René Beyer
Hallosager 20 Erich Ketschik
Hard Days or Raving Thresher 13 Nickolay Rusnachenko (N!ck) Levels from Russia from Dubna of the Moscow region!
Harder than Ever 21 Reiner
Hruska 33 Ivo & Julia Hruska
IshKaBibble 11 Jason
Jor 11 Reiner
Julia 10 Julia Hruska
Just Eat It! 20 Unknown
KHT - Chapter One 26 KHT
Kindly Removed 69 David Kulle The level title of level 66 has been modified, because it was not 'family-friendly'.
King Lui O.E. 130 130 Echnik
Kita-Sonnenblick 12 Unknown
Knights 16 Unknown
Labyrinth 7 Unknown
Legs 11 11 David Villa
Limited 1 11 Unknown
Little Collection 1 30 Unknown
Little Collection 2 31 Unknown
Lords 9 Unknown
Love 30 Ivo & Julia Hruska
Lupis3000 Easy Lvs 10 Unknown
Lurios Levels 18 Lurios
Made in Russia 28 Лев (Lev / Lewis) & 2rk (Arthur Kusmin) & Sonic AF (Александр Деменин / Alex) Some levels from Russia.
Mammoth 7 Milan Barták
Marathon 11 Echnik
Mariannocchia 1 6 Unknown
Mariannocchia 2 13 Unknown
Mariannocchia 3 18 Unknown
Mariannocchia 4 13 Unknown
Mariannocchia 5 14 Unknown
Mariannocchia 6 14 Unknown
Matts 2 20 M. Pettersson
Mikonos 13 Unknown
Mini Levels 30 Unknown
Minimazes 5 Unknown
MIP 1 12 Mirjam
MIP 2 14 Mirjam
Mixer 1/Mixture 1 15 Unknown
Monisworld 10 Boris
Monster 15 Erich Ketschik Level 14 is intentionally impossible.
Mr. Snack Man 5 Unknown
My RoX 40 Adamaster
Mystic Rooms 35 Rado W. Negundo & Kiras
Nur Buchstaben 26 Echnik
Nur Zahlen 14 Echnik
Octapolis 10 Octapolis
Oscar 1 16 Unknown
Oscar 2 11 Unknown
Paranoia 8 Arthur Kusmin (2rk) & Sonic AF (Александр Деменин / Alex)
Pascual 10 Pascual Paolucci
Pascual II 10 Pascual Paolucci
Pascual III10Pascual Paolucci
PCRex 13 Unknown
Planet of the Bugs 5 Kylz
Reincarnate the Dead 10 Kylz Not family-friendly.
Robo 21 Unknown
Rocks & Bombs 35 R&B Crazy
Rocks and Unids 40 Robert Jajszczok
RoX Masters 1 1 Andreas
RoX Special Agent 43 Maciek Regula
RoX Unlocker 70 Hydra The original RoX levels but now they have all been unlocked. Only the first level isn't an original level.
RoX World Tour - Ladakh 10 Dominik Walter All levels are guaranteed solvable, according to the author.
Sambuka 9 Jason
Sanny 2 20 Unknown
Sanny Land 34 Unknown
Scorpion 30 Unknown
Serg 12 Unknown
Six Levels 6 Unknown
Six Possibilities 6 David Michaelis
Small Levels 1 30 Unknown
Smashing 13 13 Clysm
Special Collection 26 Unknown
Special Level 1 10 Unknown
Special Level 2 15 Unknown
Spielspaß 30 Erich Ketschik
Spydre 50 Unknown
STeVe 10 Unknown
Subconscious 14 Jamie Adams
Suspicious 9 Jake Davies
Szappanos Hun 309 Unknown
Take It Easy 9 Лев (Lev / Lewis)
Target Zone 25 Rosie
The Adventure 12 Unknown
The Basics 13 Unknown
The Challenge 9 Kuddel
The Game 8 Unknown
The Gnats 10 Chris
The Narrow Place 6 Tasos
The Sky is Falling 12 Unknown
The War 30 Robert
The Week of Thresher 7 Unknown
Thresher in Action 3 BoulderMart (Martijn)
Tomek 92 Tomek Mizgała (Mizia)
Tomek 2 7 Tomek Mizgała (Mizia) & Marlena Although originally published under Tomek's name, this level collection has been created by his girlfriend Marlena!
Tough Guys 13 Unknown
Tower of Darkness 110 B0nus
Training Data Base 7 Kylz
TRR 45 Optimistic Fool
Try This One 24 Tomek Mizgała (Mizia)
Units 27 Volker Keil 'Units' is correct English, but in RoX, the gems are called 'unids'.
Wahnsinn 21 David Michaelis
Welt 50 Erich Ketschik
Winforcers 1 - This Strange Planet 24 Arthur Kusmin (2rk) & Sonic AF (Александр Деменин / Alex)
Winforcers 2 - The Secret Base 18 Sonic AF (Александр Деменин / Alex)
Winforcers 3 - The Stockyards Revenge 18 Sonic AF (Александр Деменин / Alex)
Wingo 15 Martin Zerbes
World of Chaos 1 41 Unknown
World of Chaos 2 51 Unknown
World of Chaos 3 50 Unknown
World of Chaos 4 43 Unknown
World's Easiest Levels 50 Robert
Xambow 1 50 Unknown
Xambow 2 15 Unknown
Zehra Collection 15 Faruk Koçyiğit A Turkish level collection.
XMas 2003 40 Annie
Zelda 98 Dominik Walter
Zoo 15 Unknown


As far as I know there is only one cheat code in RoX: hold Space + ESC while pressing 'Play' in the main menu to unlock all the levels of the levelset! This is only temporary: if you select the same levelset another time it will be normal again.


If you want more music in the game, you can easily put your own MP3 files into the Music folder of the game. The additional music packs that were released by Safrosoft, are now included in version 1.4.

If you have an MP3 file that fits in the game, I can place it in this Music section.

Music File Name Author Description / Note
Original Tracks 1-3 Ilya Safro These tracks were used in earlier versions of RoX, but abandoned in the last version.
Safro Blizzard
Ilya Safro A track from the 2002 Safro music CD that was available on
Safro Dreamscape Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Euphoria Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Gifted (Bass Overload) Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Heartbeat (Remix) Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Pyxis Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Smooth (Soft Mix) Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Trance Aura Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Tranze (Remix) Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Velocity Ilya Safro Idem
Safro Virus Ilya Safro Idem
Wasteland Unknown


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