Rocks 'n' Diamonds


Rocks 'n' Diamonds (RnD) is absolutely the most comprehensive Boulderdash game around. In fact, it is not a clone but a game in which you can play different Boulderdash games. Besides the four classic games Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Sokoban (officially not a Boulder Dash clone) and Supaplex you can play in this great game, you can also select elements from the games Diamond Caves II and DX-Boulderdash in the level editor.

But Rocks 'n' Diamonds offers more than that. It has extensive possibilities to create your own levels with completely new artwork, music and sounds! And you can make new objects (Custom Elements = CE's) without any knowledge of programming!

The author of this cool game is Holger Schemel of Artsoft Entertainment. He is currently busy with making three so-called game engines: the Boulder Dash engine, the Emerald Mine engine and the Supaplex engine. When these game engines will have been made, you can play the original Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Supaplex with their original behaviour!

That means that all Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Supaplex levels are guaranteed solvable then and that you can do the old tricks, which were especially possible in the original Supaplex, again! And with the Boulder Dash engine and the Emerald Mine engine you can also play the old levels with their old graphics, music and sounds!

All your personal data are automatically saved in the My Documents folder. It contains your selfmade levels, tapes of all levels you played (while playing a tape is being recorded) and the levelsetup (i.e. info about which level of a particular levelset you played last). If you can't solve a level, you can also download a played tape and copy it into the 'tapes' folder. Then you can see how to solve a level. Many already recorded tapes can be downloaded on Bojster's Tape Archive.

There is an active forum about this game. When you have got a new idea, when you have found a bug or if you have something else to tell others, then report it on the forum! The author of this game (Holger) is always listening to the players of his game and he is always willing to realise your idea in the game in a newer version!

This game is absolutely the solution for hours of fun! There are 10,000s of levels (really!) waiting for you: player contributions, levels with new artwork and objects, Emerald Mine Club levels, Supaplex levels, DX-Boulderdash levels, tutorials etc.! And the game can be played on four platforms: Unix, Mac OS X, Windows and Dos. I highly recommend this fantastic Boulderdash game!


Rocks 'n' Diamonds can be downloaded below. I would recommend to download the level structure as well (to avoid one big messy level directory). Read about it in the 'Levels' section. Beware that the game is constantly in development, so regularly check out this section!

Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.2.3 - Windows (installer) The Windows version (an executable installer).
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.2.3 - Windows (plain ZIP)
The Windows version (a plain ZIP file).
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.0 - MS DOS The MS DOS version (which goes until version 3.1.0).
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.2.3 - Unix The Unix version.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.2.3 - Mac OS X / PPC The Mac OS X / PPC version.
RnDTest 3.2.2 - TC3 A modified RnD version (created by HerzAusGold) with many extra options such as a 'game at work' mode and a mouse mode. For all the options, see the hag_readme.txt file which is included in the ZIP file.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.2 - BeOS R5 A BeOS R5 version of RnD.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.1 - MorpOS / PPC A MorpOS / PPC version of RnD.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.0 - AmigaOS 4.0 / PPC An AmigaOS 4.0 / PPC versrion of RnD.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.0 ('RoNDi') - Palm OS (limited) - colour A limited PalmOS version (created by DiPal) of RnD in colours. Working from PalmOS 3.5.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.0 ('RoNDi') - Palm OS (limited) - greyscale A limited PalmOS version (created by DiPal) of RnD in greyscale. Working from PalmOS 3.5.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds ('RoNDi') - Palm OS - sound data The sound data for the PalmOS version of RnD. Only working from PalmOS 5.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.1.0 ('RoNDi') - PocketPC 2000 / ARM (limited)  A limited PocketPC / ARM version (created by DiPal) of RnD
Rocks 'n' Diamonds ('RoNDi') - Palm OS / PocketPC - level converter A utility for the PalmOS / PocketPC version of RnD ('RoNDi') to convert original Rocks 'n' Diamonds, Emerald Mine, Sokoban or Supaplex levels.
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 3.0.8 - OS/2 + XFree/2 An unofficial OS/2 + XFree/2 port of RnD.
Element Descriptions Descriptions of all elements. Just copy the text files into the docs/elements directory of Rocks 'n' Diamonds.
Improved Supaplex Graphics Replace the Supaplex graphics file by this one for better Supaplex graphics (the colours are a little bit different)!.
Level Structure Delete the level directory and copy this level directory instead for a neatly arranged level directory! Then download all available levels on this page and copy them into the new directories. Very clear with this structure! (More information about this can be found in the 'Levels' section of this page.)
Map Reference If you want to change levels in a hex editor, you could use this 'Map Reference' by Alan Bond. It consists of two text files with two lists: sorted by number and sorted by element name.
My Own Creations Five empty levelsets to create your own levelsets with if you want to make more than one set!


Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them.

Screenshot 1: Emerald Mine style level Screenshot 2: Custom Artwork level (which doesn't come with the game, but has to be downloaded separately) Screenshot 3: Supaplex style level


There are thousands, or even ten thousands levels available for Rocks 'n' Diamonds. Some of them have been created with the level editor in the game and have either 'normal' graphics or custom graphics. Other levels are native and come originally from other games, such as Supaplex and Emerald Mine. As long as the level collections are put in their own folder in the 'levels' directory of the game and contain a levelinfo.conf file, they can be played in Rocks 'n' Diamonds. Because there are so many levels, I have created a level directory structure. With this structure, the level directory looks as following:

  • Additional Classic Levels
  • Extra levels originally designed for other games, such as Supaplex.
  • Additional Player Levels
  • In fact Contributions but these are levels that weren't included in the Contributions package. Some of them were too big to be included in the annual Contributions. Other levels were never mailed to Holger, the author of RnD, and therefore, they belong to the 'Additional Player Levels'.
  • Classic Games
  • Original levels from classic games.
  • Contributions
  • An annually updated directory with player contributions (non-CE levels or levels without heavy Custom Artwork). The heavy (with a big file size) CE levels belong to the 'Additional Player Levels'.
  • Examples
  • Levels to show you how to make certain things, mostly with Custom Elements. These levels are not really intended to be played.
  • Multiplayer Levels
  • Levels intended to be played with more players, up to four players. (Multiplayer over the Internet is not working very well yet but with two persons at the same computer or via home network works fine.)
  • Tutorials
  • Levels that teach you how to play the game.

    Download the level structure here. It's important, otherwise your level directory looks like a mess. Just remove the whole 'Levels' directory, unpack the level structure zip file, which contains a new level directory, and download all available levels you want below! The levels below have been sorted according to the level structure but you can still mix them up if you don't like the structure!

    The next version of Rocks 'n' Diamonds will have the Emerald Mine engine. Then the Emerald Mine Club levels will come in their original Amiga format. There is a list with all available Emerald Mine levelsets from the Amiga. Unfortunately, many of them are still missing. Have a look at the missing levelsets textfile for a list with missing levelsets.

    Here is the great list of levels. Beware that some in some level collections not all levels are solvable but that will be fixed when the native game engines will be built in. (Read in the 'About' section about the game engines.) If you really don't want how to solve a level, have a look at Bojster's Tape Archive, a site with many tapes for download.

    If you want to see the power CE's, download the Additional Player Levels. There are some very nice levelsets among them. Some of these Additional Player Levels have their eventual documentation, graphics, sounds or music somewhere not in their own directory, but in the main directory of the game. But you will discover that when you download the zip files. You can be sure that the downloads below contain everything needed for the concerning levelset.

    Additional Classic Levels

    Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
    319 Several Authors Contains Boulderdash II, Boulderdash 16 and XBD.
    DX-Boulderdash 1400 Several Authors Levels from the game DX-Boulderdash (also available on this site). Many still unsolvable! Thanks to Yoshi348 for fixing some levels!
    Emerald Mine Club 50337 Several Authors A huge collection of Levels from the Emerald Mine Club, of which many have other artwork! The levelsets 'Porno Mine 1' and 'Porno Mine 2' are excluded, as they are not family-friendly.
    Sokoban 764 Several Authors A collection of different Sokoban levelsets.
    Supaplex 4350 Several Authors Fan levels from the game Supaplex.

    Additional Player Levels

    Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
    42 Steps 1 Francesco One additional Snake Bite level. Requires Snake Bite!
    Alan's Random Levels 7 Alan Bond Seven randomly created levels. Requires BD2K3!
    Alexander's Levels 3 Alexander Pineda Some challenging levels.
    Arcade Levels 5 Francesco Five levels featuring Rockford with his joypad...
    BD2K3 43 Alan Bond Great CE levelset with splendid graphics!
    BD Dream 102 BoulderMart (Martijn) A nostalgic levelset with levels in the original BD style with a story about a castle shrouded by a mysterious mist...
    Be a Bug! 4 Sascha Mücke Experience the life of a bug!
    Bug Hunter 1 Francesco An old scroll tells the wonders of a special weapon against bugs. Are you ready for the quest?
    Colourful World 1 Sascha Mücke A colourful one-level levelset...
    Contest Levels 2 Several Authors Levels for the competition organised by Ryan and Alexander Pineda.
    Danilo Parantar Serrano 6 Danilo Parantar Serrano A strange but funny CE levelset.
    Danilo Parantar Serrano 2 20 Danilo Parantar Serrano Twenty levels, most of which are very classic.
    Defender 1 (endless) Alan Bond A very nice remake of the game 'Defender'. It's all possible with CE's!
    Earth Shaker Collection 64 Jamie Cullen Two levelsets based on the classic game 'Earth Shaker'.
    Gavin Davidson 2006 80 Gavin Davidson Eighty tricky levels by Gavin Davidson.
    Glasses 6 Sascha Mücke Nice levels with new graphics and sounds in Sokoban style. Fill the glasses and then pick them up!
    Hard Skills 17 Several Authors A collection of levels to get furious at (only the first one is simple)!
    Haspeton 2 Haspeton Two levels by Haspeton.
    Jürgen Bonhagen (rnd_jue) 145 Jürgen Bonhagen A collection of great-looking and mind-boggling levelsets. The 'handicap' is always set to 'off' in this levelset! That's by intention of the author.
    Learning Maths 12 Several Authors Do you know what 1 + 1 is? Try to solve the sums and learn arithmetic with RnD!
    Little Games 2 Sascha Mücke Two levels with counters. Only for boring moments!
    Love Pac 1 Sascha Mücke The poor, lonely, little Pac is in search of a girlfriend...
    Magic CE's 8 Francesco In this levelset you have to master the skill of sustaining rocks in open air and of animating the Magic Boxes.
    Maniac Mines 31 David Hutchinson An original Emerald Mine style levelset. Requires version 3.1.0 or above!
    Manuel 22 Manuel Butter Nice levels in the classic style.
    Manuel's Sokoban Levels 20 Manuel Butter Twenty Sokoban levels.
    Master-Rocks 8 Francesco A nice version of the board game 'Mastermind' in RnD. Also known as 'Master-Rocks II' (because the old version has been superseded).
    Memory 2 Francesco  The classic Memory game for RnD! See the Multiplayer Levels section for an extended version ('Memory MP') for two players!
    Mini Levels - Ryan 43 Ryan Pineda Many small but 'crazy fun' levels (as Ryan Pineda puts it).
    Missions 4 Misja Four levels with CE's and other graphics, music and sounds.
    Mixed Levels 38 Catlady & daughter A very entertaining levelsets with levels that are not too hard! Requires Walpurgis Gardens (from the Walpurgis Collection)!
    Mixed Levels 2 19 Catlady The sequel to Mixed Levels with nineteen easy but very enjoyable levels!
    Multi-Random Level 2 Francesco Two levels with nine randomly created levels enclosed in each of these levels...
    My Levels of Fun 15 Jeanette Fifteen nice levels in the Emerald Mine style by Catlady's daughter.
    Negundo Dash 40 Rado W. Negundo & Yoshi Negundo Fourty levels in original Boulder Dash style, using some graphics from Boulder Dash Dream.
    Negundo World 2 50 Rado W. Negundo The sequel to Negundo World (which can be found in the Contributions 2004). Requires BD2K3!
    Negundo World 3 33 Rado W. Negundo The third part of the Negundo World series, consisting of the Dangerous Cave Edition and the Home Edition. Requires BD2K3!
    P98 Level Pack 1 10 P98 / Patryk (?) Some easy levels new music for each level.
    Pacman 1 (endless) Alan Bond An amazing conversion of the classic Pacman for the Arcade in RnD! It even has a title screen! Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!
    Pipemania 10 David Hutchinson Direct the pipe to the end pipe, before the water flows out!
    Puzzles v1.8 43 RnD Forum Members Little tricky puzzles created by some members of the RnD forum.
    Random Games 5 Manuel Butter Five levels with CE nice tricks.
    Richard 185 Richard Kleber A collection of many inventive levelsets.
    Rockfighter 9 Francesco Just like in beat'em-ups, insert key combos to destroy the enemies and to protect yourself.
    Rocks 'n' Diamonds Fun 11 Several Authors An interesting levelset with varying levels by different authors.
    Ryan's Random Levels 6 Ryan Pineda SIx levels which are randomly created while you are waiting!
    Slippery Ground 8 Sascha Mücke Help! I can't stop walking!
    Snake Bite 71 Alan Bond & Jürgen Bonhagen Two awesome Snake style levelsets with many new elements! Requires version 3.1.1 or above!
    Space Invaders 1 (endless) Alan Bond A nice RnD remake of the classic game 'Space Invaders' with the classic graphics and sounds.
    Space Invaders 2 1 (endless) Alan Bond A second Space Invaders game by Alan Bond!
    Springli's Levels 3 Springli Johnson Three original levels that are funny  to play.
    Step Puzzles 15 David Hutchinson Ffteen levels in which you have to press all the blue tiles but not more than one time! Requires version 3.2.0-7 or above!
    Stinky 9 Stinky Nine beginners' levels.
    Super BD-Rock 4 Francesco Four levels using a great innovative technique: making a rock roll by pushing it pressing the snap key!
    Super Comic Levels 126 Several Authors Many strange but funny levels in different sets.
    Super Jetset Willy Bros 3 1 Alan Bond A try to create a simple platform game in Rocks 'n' Diamonds.
    The H. World 46 (or 47 if you count the intro screen (not playable) as a level) Daniel H. & Nathan H. Make your journey through the H. World! It consists of five levelsets with many CE's and one levelset (or rather: directory) with an intro screen.
    Through the Ages 3 Sascha Mücke A levelset in the Medieval style!
    Time Gate Rush 2 Francesco These levels seem impossible... but aren't if you hurry!
    Trucky Cargos v0.1 6 Francesco Try to move the blocking cargos somewhere else to get to the exit.
    Venatir 5 Venatir Five nice level which are not too hard.
    Veysi Orak 2006 100 Veysi Orak A hundred nice and not too big levels by Veysi Orak from Turkey.
    Walpurgis Collection 180 Jamie Cullen Three unique creations.
    Warparound Murphy 2 Francesco Two levels to get crazy of.
    Zelda 1 Alan Bond The legendary RPG game can now be played in RnD! Download some updates by Larry Stein. Unpack them into the Zelda folder.

    Classic Games

    Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
    Boulderdash 100 Peter Liepa The original Boulder Dash.
    Emerald Mine 102 Klaus Heinz & Volker Wertich The original Emerald Mine.
    Sokoban 50 Several Authors The original Sokoban.
    Supaplex 111 Philip Jespersen The original Supaplex.


    Levelset Name Number of Levels Number of Contributions Description / Note
    Contributions 1995 22 2
    Contributions 1996 63 2
    Contributions 1997 25 2
    Contributions 1998 104 2
    Contributions 1999 66 4
    Contributions 2000 272 4
    Contributions 2001 48 5
    Contributions 2002 529 11
    Contributions 2003 619 20
    Contributions 2004 730 21 Also contains three extra levelsets by Andreas Buschbeck.
    Contributions 2005 272 7
    Contributions 2006 8 1


    Example Name Author Description / Note
    0 Frames vs. Creation of Zomis (Simon Forsberg) An example to show you the difference between the object change after zero frames and the change on the creation of objects.
    Adder Blower Ryan Pineda See how the butteflies explode!
    Adrian Adrian Siekierka Two 'levels' with some nice CE animations.
    Amoeba Show Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Watch the amoeba exploding show!
    Animated Text Tomi Belan As the name already says, this example is about text animations. Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!
    Are You a Team? Daniel H. See how the number of players can be detected, which is indicated by the number of required emeralds to finish the levels.
    A. Siekierka X-Mas 2005 Adrian Siekierka Actually not an example (but it doesn't fit anywhere else), but a Christmas greeting from A. Siekierka.
    A. Siekierka's CE's Adrian Siekierka Fireworks, shooting pacmans and special doors.
    A. Siekierka's Showcase Adrian Siekierka One big level which contains all Adrian Siekierka's RnD inventions!
    AS Machine Adrian Siekierka A machine that changes the colours of emeralds and sorts them.
    Automatic Movement Tomi Belan See how you can make the player walking on in last pressed direction!
    Auto-mover Ryan Pineda An example to show you how you can let the player move without pressing a key.
    BD Diamonds Factory Adrian Siekierka An example of two factories which produce BD Diamonds.
    Bomb and move Bridge Zomis (Simon Forsberg) A small level as an example how easy it is to make something useful with only one CE.
    Boulder Generator Alan Bond See how boulders are created infinitely.
    Brain Scanner v1.0 Sascha Mücke The computer can read your thoughts! Try it!
    Character Switch David Hutchinson An example of how to switch between two players.
    Clock Sascha Mücke An attempt to make a clock (timer) in RnD by working with image frames!
    Colour Cycle Alan Bond A nice example with colour transitions. Requires version 3.2.0-6 or above!
    Custom Jumping Rockford4ever Jump extra high with CE power! Requires version 3.2.0-6 or above!
    Diamond Caves 3 Elements David Hutchinson Remakes of all of Diamond Cave 3's new elements (compared with Diamond Cave 2). Make your own levels with the existing DC 2 elements and these new elements!
    Element follows element Zomis (Simon Forsberg) An example of how an element follows a CE technique.
    Element Y Sascha Mücke Because of some mysterious element the player is changed into everything he touches...
    Emerald Factory (Easy) Adrian Siekierka Watch a machine that automatically produces emeralds!
    Find the Exit Danilo Parantar Serrano See how you can fool the RnD engine and illegally finish the level while there is no exit!
    FMV Alan Bond Push the button and a block of CE's with different numbers changes. Each CE's number is simultaneously added up or subtracted! Requires version 3.2.0-6 or above!
    Fool that bug Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Fool the bug by using a boomerang CE.
    GemTris David Hutchinson See how to make a columns/tetris game in RnD. Because it's quite buggy, I've put it in the 'examples' category and not in the 'Additional Player Levels' category.
    Generation by Indexes Tomi Belan Insert five numbers and the corresponding elements are created.
    Gun Turret Alan Bond An example of gun turrets that aim and shoot at the player.
    Invisibility Element Sascha Mücke 'Invisibility' is actually the wrong word here. This is an example of Rockford who can walk over sand without digging it.
    Line of sight Alan Bond In the dark, you can't look far...
    Level in level Adrian Siekierka A level inside a level.
    Locate the n-th instance Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Locate the n-th instance of a CE.
    Logical Gates Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Two levels.
    Mathematical Examples Several Authors Many examples of mathematical things, such as counters.
    Maze Generator Tomi Belan Wait while the computer is generating a maze for you.
    Maze Solver Tomi Belan Let the computer calculate the solution of a maze!
    Mazers Francesco A collection of fifteen different automatically generated mazes.
    Moving Elements Francesco A nice scene of moving elements.
    Multifloor Maze Francesco A maze on different floors.
    New Zealand 2005 Holger Schemel The holiday photos of Holger Schemel. An example of the result of creating a photo map with BMP2Photomap2 by Alan Bond!
    Parallax Scrolling Alan Bond A great example of slower and faster scrolling at the sime time while walking!
    Photo Map Alan Bond A demo about how to make photo levels in RnD.
    Photo Map 2 Alan Bond A photo map example with 167 photo levels.
    Pseudo-Chromium Francesco A workaround for the missing 'PlayerMoves' option (in version 3.1.1). This example will be obsolete very soon, because this option will be added in a newer RnD version.
    Quicksand for Emeralds Zomis (Simon Forsberg) See how to make quicksand for emeralds instead of rocks.
    PTC Issues Francesco Its full name is 'Player Triggering Change Issues' and it contains two levels that show you how to trick the RnD engine.
    Radiation Area Daniel H. A small level that demonstrates actively changing of the graphic of the player.
    Random Group Element Zomis (Simon Forsberg) An example to show you how to create random Group Elements.
    Random Level David Hutchinson See how to generate a random level (in Emerald Mine/Supaplex style).
    Random Maze Zomis A randomly generated maze which has been generated by the CE Scripter (see Tools & Utilities section).
    Reaction Test Sascha Mücke Test how fast your reaction is!
    Richard Kleber Richard Kleber This example shows you some of the possibilities you have with CE's.
    Roadblock Basic Zomis (Simon Forsberg) An example that shows how to make a game like Roadblock in Rocks 'n' Diamonds. The second level requires v3.2.0-5 or above!
    Robot Central Control David Hutchinson See how you can fire random bombs at the robots.
    Rock Elevator Jannik An example of how to elevate rocks. The second level contains the Boulder Generator by Alan Bond.
    Rotation Project Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Various examples which show how to let objects move around a central point.
    Ryan's Movies Ryan Pineda Two levels to watch.
    Scrolling Messages Alan Bond Includes 'Funky Message' and 'Scrambled Message', which are both examples of how to make scrolling messages in RnD. Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!
    Scrolling Text Tomi Belan A good example about how to make a scrollin text in RnD with a good explanation. Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!
    Shooting a bullet Francesco See how to make it possible to shoot a bullet without free space ahead.
    Small Passages Ryan Pineda An idea from the game SubTerra. Find your way in compact passages.
    Spelling Machine Sascha Mücke Don't you know how to spell a word in English? This machine can help you!
    Teleporter as usual Sascha Mücke A standard teleporter.
    Teleporters Zomis (Simon Forsberg) Thirteen levels that show you different teleporters.
    Text Input Tomi Belan An example that shows you how to input text.
    Text Teleporter Tomi Belan A teleporter example about how to teleport characters.
    Transporter Test FractalDreams See how transporters work.
    Wrap-Around Scrolling Alan Bond Wrap around. Try it to see what it means.
    Wrap-Around Scrolling 2 Alan Bond Version 2 of the Wrap-Around Scrolling example.

    Multiplayer Levels

    Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
    25 Gems to Freedom 1 Francesco A four player battle. The quickest wins the battle.
    4 Player Battle 20 David Hutchinson Twenty levels in Bomberman style for four players!
    Mix 4 Players 1 Several Authors A levelset which currently consists of one level, but should grow to a larger number of levels by different authors.
    Base Bomb 2 Manuel Butter Try to get more points than your opponent and not to lose your points! It uses 200 CE's and 18 GE's!
    DenMine 3 Players 1104 Several Authors The DenMine levels by the Emerald Mine Club modified for three players.
    DenMine 4 Players 1104 Several Authors The DenMine levels by the Emerald Mine Club modified for three players.
    Get It? 5 Rockford4ever Be faster than your opponent!
    Jannik One 10 Jannik Ten funny and small multiplayer levels. Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!
    Jannik Two 4 Jannik The sequel to Jannik One. It's an RnD remake of the classic MS DOS game 'Micemen' by William Soleau. The first two levels are for one player, but the last two levels are for two playes (and are almost identical). To understand how the classic game worked, have a look at RnDMen (a tutorial Jannik also created). Requires version 3.2.0 or above! 
    Memory MP 2 Francesco Play Memory with two players! This levelset is an extension of 'Memory' in the Additional Player Levels section.
    MP - Richard 100 Richard Kleber A hundred nice levels by Richard Kleber.
    Project 1 Manuel Butter Try to defeat the other player.
    RAP's Multiplayer Mini Games 57 Ryan Pineda & Alexander Pineda These very nice and challenging multiplayer levels each have a different 'circuit'. Be faster than your opponent! Requires version 3.2.0-8 or above!


    Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
    Aaron Davidson's Tutorial 26 Aaron Davidson A tutorial by Aaron Davidson.
    Niko Böhm's Tutorial 42 Niko Böhm A very complete tutorial.
    Tutorial Alpha 12 Richard Kleber Does not really handle all elements separately, but is more global.


    In Rocks 'n' Diamonds it's possible to use your own graphics - for the 'normal' objects as well as the CE's. But you can also use custom graphics for the toons in the menu and the side panel to the right for example - and often these graphics come with a levelset designed by someone. So you only have to download a levelset with custom artwork and put it in the level folder to have the graphics in the game. Then they are automatically loaded when you start playing the levelset they belong to, but you can also select them in the Main Menu - Setup - Custom Artwork screen.

    Some other graphics are meant as alternative graphics, to use instead of the standard game graphics. They can be downloaded below (and all the other graphics besides these can be found in the level packages in the level section above, of course). But you can also find some graphics which cannot be loaded in the game (because they don't have a graphicsinfo.conf file and because they don't have the right size) below. You can use them for the toons in the main menu for example. Here are the additional graphics:

    Graphics (set) Name Author Description / Note
    Adrian's Graphics
    Adrian Siekierka Some graphics by Adrian Siekierka.
    Bomb Ryan Pineda Bomb graphics. It's an animation sequence and you could use this *.pcx file instead of the standard dynamite graphics.
    ES Explosions - Francesco Francesco Some modified Earth Shaker Explosions graphics (from the Earth Shaker Collection).
    EM Tank David Hutchinson A tank sprite instead of the normal spaceship.
    Icy World Sascha Mücke Too cold for me!
    MBEPG 0.92 Manuel Butter A set with selfmade graphics by Manuel Butter without any EMC objects.
    MBPGS Manuel Butter A funny graphics set with some selfmade graphics and many graphics from BD2K3.
    YamYam Palace - Animal Kingdom Flyboy (?) An alternative graphics set for the levelset YamYam Palace (Contributions 2002).


    Music is an important thing in the game. It sets the atmosphere. Like the graphics, most additional music also comes with levelsets. But download some other music sets to use in the game below:

    Music (set) Name Author Description / Note
    Original Supaplex Song
    Unknown The original Supaplex song (not the remix). Use it instead of the Supaplex music in RnD if you prefer this one!


    If you think that the standard sounds are annoying or if you are just fed up with them, it's possible to use other sounds instead. Below you can find new sounds to use in the game.

    Sound (set) Name Author Description / Note
    Rockford4ever A sound set in the 'Retro' style.

    Tools & Utilities

    There are also some (mostly small) programs available that have to do with Rocks 'n' Diamonds. They can be downloaded in this section.

    Utility Name Author Description / Note
    BMP2Photomap2 Alan Bond A program to create your own photo levels. Just open a *.BMP file and save it as a *.level file!
    CE Scripter BETA 3 Zomis (Simon Forsberg) A tool which makes it possible to edit your levels with a script instead of editing them in the game. It can save you a lot of time, but it's not self-explanatory if you don't have any experience with programming. Download the Linux version here. An example level and an example script are included. Documentation can be found here.
    ConfEdit v1.0.1 Alan Bond A great and very comprehensive utility to create or modify a levelset. It has many options and you save a lot of time by using this!
    Level Sketch v2 Alan Bond Create level sketches and convert it into forum code to let other visitors of the RnD forum see what you mean! You can also save your sketch as a *.level file.
    Res 'n' Diamonds Alan Bond A small program to run Rocks 'n' Diamonds in other resolutions. It can stretch the screen and make the gameplay smoother.
    Rocks 'n' Diamonds Database v0.9 Zomis (Simon Forsberg) This handy utility gives you a good and detailed overview of all the RnD levelsets and levels.
    RnDTool Zomis (Simon Forsberg) With RnDTool you can easily manage your levels. It's about importing and exporting CE's, changing level info etc. Please note that this tool is very old and not compatible with newer levels. It might also be buggy.


    Niko Böhm has created a Rocks 'n' Diamonds Documentation page. Go there to find out more about Rocks 'n' Diamonds. After that Documentation, the same Niko Böhm has created a Rocks 'n' Diamonds Wiki. There everyone can add his/her own information about the game. The Rocks 'n' Diamonds Wiki is very comprehensive.

    Other documentations are the Linux Software Map file and the Readme file (which can also be found in the game directory).

    Francesco S. Carta has created good looking and colourful documentation pages which are a good read for beginning players of Rocks 'n' Diamonds. Download Francesco's Documentation.

    For beginners, there is a tutorial for Custom Element creation (by Francesco) available. It consists of a levelset and a 'draft' file, which tells you the basics about CE's and has assignments to do with the provided levelset. (One assignment for example is: 'Make a CE which will look and act like a rock, but that will turn into an emerald when pushed by the player'). Download 'CE's Walkaround' now and learn your first steps in Custom Element creation! A little note: according to the author's words, the 'draft' is not official and it contains errors.

    Another tutorial (or better: challenge / contest, as this is not for beginners!) to learn working with Custom Elements is the set of  The World Making Challenge Assignments by Tomi Belan. Try to create a level with the things that are asked for and check if it is right by watching the possible solutions (which are actually just ways in which people tried to give answer to the assignments, but no guaranteed solutions) that are included. If you have got another solution, don't hesitate to e-mail them to me or to upload them to Zomis's RnD Files Archive.

    Forums & Chat

    There is a special Rocks 'n' Diamonds Web Forum. Meet other fans there, suggest new ideas, report bugs, announce your levels there, request help etc. Become a member today! For those who are interested there's also the Old Rocks 'n' Diamonds Web Forum. And if you are Polish, you could visit the unofficial Polish Rocks 'n' Diamonds Web Forum!

    Besides the Web Forum, there's also a Rocks 'n' Diamonds Chat available. Have a nice chat with other RnD players there!


    Although all the necessary information from other sites about Rocks 'n' Diamonds can already be found on this page, you could still visit the other sites if you want. Below are the links to other sites about Rocks 'n' Diamonds (except the forum sites and other links from the documentation section):

    If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.