Freeware Non-Boulderdash Games - Windows


Welcome! This section contains games that have nothing to do with Boulderdash at all! These are just other (freeware) classic games that I like and wish to share with you. And it is a good backup as well to have them listed here.

Windows Games

Below you can find my favourite non-Boulderdash games for Windows. Download them and enjoy!

Game name: Cho Ren Sha 68K
Author/publisher: Famibe No Yosshin
Year of publishing: 1995
Platforms: Windows, X68K
Do you remember those Japanese Arcade action shooters (shoot 'em up games) in big Arcade game halls? Cho Ren Sha 68K creates a similar classic atmosphere and is filled with action, has old style background music, graphics and sounds! And every level has an end boss, of course! Download the X68K version here (the Windows version can be downloaded above).

Game name: Frozen Bubble v1.0 (Windows Port)
Author/publisher: Guillaume Cottenceau and others / Amir Szekely (Windows Port)
Year of publishing: 2002 (?)
Homepage: /
Platforms: Unix, Windows
A beautiful clone of the classic game Bust-a-Move. Frozen Bubble has officially been created for Unix systems. Download the Unix version 2.1.0. For the Windows version, which goes no further than v1.0, you will need ActivePerl v5.6 and SDL_Perl v1.20. Download some old style music here (which comes from the website). Fullscreen mode doesn't work in this Windows Port, but of course you can change your screen resolution to make the game look as in fullscreen mode. If the installer asks for calling "ppm install SDL_perl.ppd", just go to the SDL_Perl directory in the Windows command prompt and type this in.

Game name: King's Quest I: Quest For the Crown (VGA Remake) V3.0
Author/publisher: AGD Interactive (Tierra Entertainment) / Roberta Williams
Year of publishing: Unknown
Platforms: Windows
A VGA remake of the classic adventure game by Roberta Williams (1984). The graphics have been completely redrawn. The story is about a young man in the kingdom of Daventry who has to find the Magic Shield, the Magic Mirror and the Magic Chest for the old king. Download an additional Music Pack (for better quality music) and an additional Speech Pack (for voices in the game) and install them in the King's Quest directory. For a walkthrough and more information, see the manual that is included with the game.

Game name: King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones (VGA Remake) V2.0
Author/publisher: AGD Interactive (Tierra Entertainment) / Roberta Williams
Year of publishing: Unknown
Platforms: Windows
The sequel to King's Quest I (see above) in a remake version with better graphics and gameplay. This time the story is about Graham (the same main character as in part I of the series), who has become the king of Daventry, who sees in his Magic Mirror a beautiful woman captured in a tower - and he goes to rescue her and make her his wife. Download an additional Music Pack (for better quality music) and an additional Speech Pack (for voices in the game) and install them in the King's Quest directory. If you are looking for a walkthrough or more information, see the manual that comes with the game.

Game name: King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (VGA Remake) v2.0
Author/publisher: Infamous Adventures
Year of publishing: 2006
Platforms: Windows
A VGA Remake of the third sequel to King's Quest I and II! In this game, however, the story is not about Graham, but about a young boy who has been captured by the powerful wizard Manannan in the land of Llewdor, who has to escape, because the wizard wants to kill him. Download an additional Voice Pack (for voices in the game). For a walkthrough, click here. Download the complete King's Quest III soundtrack (by Peter Rocker) if you like the music.

Game name: Quadrax series (downloads below)
Author/publisher: Jozef Kreutzer / Alfaline
Year of publishing: 2000-present
Platforms: Windows
A really great puzzle game, and one of the hardest in the end! It is about guiding 2 or more men who are trapped to the exit by moving blocks, using switches, helping each other and thinking a lot! Each title in the series features a new atmoshpere, such as a forest, an Egyptian tomb, the lost island of Atlantis, etc. It actually reminds you of Boulder Dash, but it's more... thinking than action, but if you're in for some real challenge, try this game! Quadrax III is only available in Czech, but from Quadrax IV onwards the game is in English. I suggest you start with Quadrax IV, which gives you a good impression and which is still not as hard as the subsequent titles in the series. Write down the password for each level, as you'll need this to continue a next time. These passwords don't work on another PC. Once you've finished the levels (about 75 per game), you will get access to the level editor. Just try it! The controls for Quadrax V (some of which don't work in earlier versions) are:

Arrows = Move, climb
1,2,3 = Switch to the blue, red or green man.
C = Toggle between 2 man and 3 man mode
Q = Switch into 2 man mode
TAB = Switch person (according to actually switch mode)
Shift-S = Shift push mode on/off
F5 = Quicksave
F9 = Quickload
Esc = Pause + ingame menu (Continue, restart, exit)

Start right now playing this addictive game!
Quadrax III
Quadrax IV
Quadrax V
Quadrax VI
Quadrax VII
Quadrax VIII
Quadrax IX (still in development!)

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog - Time Attacked
Author/publisher: Jamie Bailey
Year of publishing: 2003
Homepage: Unknown
Platforms: Windows
A very detailed and near-commercial clone of the highly popular Sonic the Hedgehog games by Sega. The game has very good graphics, music and there are quite a number of special features (see the Readme.txt about these). In this fascinating platform game you control Sonic the Hedgehog whose objective is to defeat the evil Dr. Eggmann, who has invented a time machine and tries to destroy him with his evil plans. Gripping, challenging and with ultra-fast actions! For more information click here.

If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.