Freeware Boulder Dash Clones - BeOS


This is the freeware BeOS section. Here you can find freeware Boulderdash games that run in BeOS (an Operating System).

BeOS is an operating system developed by Be, Inc. that runs on the PowerPC platform and Intel x86 processors. Despite being smaller than other modern operating systems, such as the Mac OS and Windows, BeOS nevertheless sports a modern graphical user interface (GUI), preemptive multitasking, multithreading, and built-in support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP).

BeOS Games

Below are the BeOS games. Download them and enjoy!

Game name: BD4
Author/publisher: Paul Williams
Year of publishing: 1997
Platforms: BeOS, Java, Windows, Unix
BD4 is an Emerald Mine clone with its original graphics, only a bit smaller. The levels always fit to the screen, so you can't play this game in scrolling mode. The game is internet-based and it can be played with other players. With the game, there comes a level editor.

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