Commercial Boulder Dash Clones - Shockwave Flash


This is the commercial Flash section. Here you can find commercial Boulderdash games written in Shockwave Flash. Those games run in your web browser. 

Shockwave Flash or Flash is a graphics animation program, written and marketed by Macromedia, that uses vector graphics. The resulting files, called SWF (said like swiff) files, may appear in a web page to view in a web browser, or standalone Flash players may "play" them. Flash files occur most commonly in animated advertisements on web pages and rich-media web sites, although prank flash has become common.

You need Shockwave Flash Player to be installed on your computer to run these games. Download it here.

Flash Games

Below are the Flash games. Download them and enjoy!

Game name: Aqua Energizer
Author/publisher: Uselab
Year of publishing: 2002
Platforms: Flash
Aqua Energizer is the sequel to freeware game 'Acno's Energizer', also by Uselab. This time, the game has an underwater theme and it's not free, in contrast with its predecessor. To play and buy this game, go to

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