Boulder Remake


For those who played Boulder Dash on the Commodore 64 it's a great pity that the good old game can't be played on nowaday's computers anymore. It is only possible with Commodore 64 emulators, programs that create an environment in which the old game feels home as it did on the old Commodore 54 computer. But an emulator always means less fun and besides they don't always work properly. Therefore some fans keep their old computer somewhere to use it to play the good old game when they are in a nostalgic mood. But many people don't have enough space in their house for this or just think it's not really practical, to use two computers at the same time.

Boulder Remake is the solution to this problem. It features the classic Boulder Dash gameplay and sounds and it is possible to use the classic Boulder Dash graphics instead of the standard (though very nice) game graphics. And the great advantage of this clone is that you can play all those Boulder Dash games (levelsets) by the Boulderdash legends (such as Firefox, Ron van Schaik, Arno Weber, Posocopi Waldkirch, Scserbin Zoltán, etc.)!

This game offers more than the simple Boulder Dash features. As already said, you can load other graphics sets. And the sounds and the menu music can be replaced by other files. Furthermore, the game speed is adjustable. And you can switch between different game languages (Dutch, English, German and Polish). Also, you can record a demo while you are playing and you can watch this at a later moment. 

You can create your own Boulder Remake levels in the level editor in the game. It's easy to use, but it contains advanced properties. For you can set the maximum amoeba size, the InBox delay, what a falling boulder turns into and so on. And for the lazy ones among us there is a 'cave generator' button. Click it, set some details and your level is generated!

The author of this great Boulderdash clone is Marcin Liwak. The Boulder Remake website has been created by Marc de Haar (Odo). Both are big Boulderdash fans which can be found back in this great remake!


Download Boulder Remake here: 

Boulder Remake v2.1
The game itself, which only contains a few level collections. If you want more levels, then go to the Levels section.


Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them.

Screenshot 1: A level with the standard graphics A level with the classic graphics A level with the standard graphicsreenshot 3


In this section you will find levelsets for Boulder Remake. Just copy them to the 'Levels' folder in the game directory. I would suggest to clear it first and then download everything from this section to have a complete collection. If you have new levelsets for me, please mail them and I will add them to this page!

I don't provide levelsets with occult, pornographic or other offending titles or things inside them, because this site is meant for everyone. Those levelsets are marked as 'not family-friendly'.

Boulder Remake Levels

The following levelsets were either converted from original Boulder Dash game files or have been created with the integrated editor:

Levelset Name Author Description / Note
Arno World Cup Arno Weber
Demo Marcin Liwak A levelset with only one level which is meant as an example.
Levels Addons Pack (latest update 07/15/2007) Several Authors A collection of classic Boulder Dash levels and fanmade Boulder Remake levels.
Retro Arno Weber Play boulderdash levels as on the old C64.
Scserbin Zoltán Scserbin Zoltán

Converted Levels

Many level collections from the original Boulder Dash game have been converted to the Boulder Remake format, so that they can be played in Boulder Remake. Due to a lack of time and interest, I have put them in one ZIP file, which you can download here.


There are some cheat codes for this game. Press F12 anywhere in the game to select every cave in the main menu and to unlock the function to skip a level while playing by pressing the F1 key.


You can use custom graphics in this game. Download additional graphics packs here.

Graphics Set Name Author Description / Note
CWS Graphics Shabanak
Odo Graphics Odo A graphics set by the author himself.

Tools & Utilities

Download tools and utilities here.


Below you can find the external links to pages about Boulder Remake. 

If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.